Department of Sociology


The B.A  in Sociology  Programme   covers the following aspects as Programme Outcomes:

1) Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives and latest trends in the field of sociology,

2) Use scientific approach to address issues related to problems of teaching, learning and doing research in sociology

3) Apply multidisciplinary approaches to meet various issues and challenges in the field of sociology

4) Apply knowledge skills and theories of sociology to solve the societal problems both in familiar and non familiar context and apply the sociological learning to real life situations.


1)  Develop students learning capacity to understand society, clarify and broaden their notion about the subject, the basic concepts used and some universal societal processes. It will aim at providing students a rigorous and challenging way of sociological thinking by developing sound theoretical background in the subject.

2) To enables the students to understand the foundation of sociology

3) To develop capabilities of students to critically evaluate issues and the emerging trends influencing the field of sociology

4)  To familiarize students with sociological way of imaging society, develop research interest in the subject and train them in the use of ICT in sociology.


1st Semester


Introduction to Sociology-1

  • The mandate of the course is to introduce the discipline to students from diverse training and capabilities
  • The course is intended to introduce the students a sociological way of thinking
  • It also provides a foundation for the students to   peruse other more detail and specialized Courses in sociology


Sociological Perspectives

  • The course aims to provide a general introduction to sociological thoughts
  • It also provides a foundation for thinkers in the other papers


Introduction to Sociology

  • The mandate of the course is to introduce the discipline to students from diverse training and capabilities
  • The course is intended to introduce the students to a sociological way of thinking

2nd Semester

Major Paper (SOCC2)

Introduction to Sociology- II

  • The course aims to provide a general introduction sociological thought
  • The focus is on giving the students a flavor of how over a period of time thinkers have conceptualized various aspects of society.


Sociology of India

  • This paper aims to provide an outline of the institutions and of Indian Society
  • Encourage the students to view the Indian reality through a sociological lens


Indian Society: Images and Realities

This course seeks to provide an interdisciplinary introduction to Indian Society

3rd Semester

Major Paper (SOCC3)

 Sociology of India-1

  • This paper introduces the  processes and modes of construction of knowledge of India
  • It aims to draw attention to the key concepts and institution which are useful for understanding of Indian society

Major Paper (SOCC4)

Sociological Thinkers -1

  • The course introduce the students to the classics in the making of the discipline of Sociology for selected texts by the major thinkers


Methods of Sociological Enquiry

  • The course is a general introduction to the methodologists of sociological research methods
  • It will provide the students with some elementary knowledge of the complexities  and  philosophical underpinnings of research


Marriage Family and Kinship

  • This course aims to highlight and critically examine contemporary concerns in the fields of marriage family and kinship
  • It considers theoretical issues and ethno graphics with particular emphasis on diversity of practices