Rules & Regulations

•Students must maintain discipline and punctuality in attending college and classes.
•Students must come to college in full uniform.
•Students shall conduct themselves in a courteous manner towards both staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching) and fellow students.
•Students shall maintain silence in classroom and desist from demonstration and disorderly    behavior.
•Students shall take care of college property and must not cause any damage to them.
•Students shall keep their bicycle, scooters etc. in the shed provided for the purpose.
•Ragging in nay form is strictly prohibited in he college and any student found indulging in such activities should strongly be dealt with.
•Students shall have to take prior permission from the principal for (i) organization of any meeting (ii) invitation of guest to address students and (iii) any kind of notification to be displayed in the notice board of the college.
•Students shall actively participate in all the functions organized by the college and student union.
•Students shall keep the campus and the classroom of the college clean and maintain a congenial atmosphere for pursuit of learning.

Office Hours 4.30p.m.with half an hour break at 1.00 p.m. 13.Class Hours : 4.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

College Uniform
For Boys : White shirt and black trousers .
For Girls : White blouse, white chador with blue border and brown Mekhela
or white suridar-kurta with blue Urna/Dupatta.

Identity Card
An Identity card will be issued to each student after admission.
A student must carry the card while coming to the college .

Attendance in Classes
Regular attendance in all classes is compulsory.
i.A student must attend not less than 80% of the classes held in the subjects including the tutorials to be eligible for appearing as a regular student in the Higher Secondary examinations and Semester Examinations.
ii.No student shall, however, be allowed to appear in any above mentioned examination whose attendance falls below 80% of the classes held.
iii.A student must attend in all seminars and symposia and talks organized  by the college.

Attendance in college examinations
(A)A student must attend in all Terminal and Test Examinations conducted by the college.
(B)A Semester studentmust attend Sessional ExaminationsconductedbytheDepartment. – Internal assessment in each course shall be  based on attendance,assessment of 1st & II nd Sessional examinations and seminar/group discussion. There shall be no provision for “repeat in the Sessional Examination.