Report on Parents’/Guardians’ Feedback

     A feedback study was conducted on the parents’/guardians’ suggestions and complains regarding the management and development of the college. The parental feedback form had       a total of 13 questions. The following points have been most prominently suggested in response to the feedback form:

  • There should be proper co-ordination among the teachers and students.
  • Favourable learning outcomes of the students should get utmost priority.
  • It is necessary that developmental activities should take place in the college.
  • The teachers should take due care of the students regarding their attendance and completion of the syllabus.
  • A sound education system needs to be developed for favourable learning outcome.
  • The college administration should emphasize on the transportation facilities of the students. Since, the college is situated in an interior area that lacks proper transportation facilities, the college authorities should take this matter in due consideration.
  • It is suggested that there should be a regular trainer in the gymnasium of the college.
  • It is also suggested that there should be an additional girl’s common room considering the number of the girl students.
       Action Plan Devised on the basis of the Guardian’s Feedback

       On the basis of the suggestion in response to the parental feedback form, the following actions can be taken:

  1. Co-ordination among the teachers and the students should get priority. Social media can be an effective tool to bridge the gap between the teachers and the students through social media and other data transfer application, the students will be able to get the study material and resources whenever they are in need from the faculties without being in physical proximity.
  2. In order to improve teaching learning system, due importance should be given on digital infrastructure since the college lacks proper digital teaching learning tools. ICT enabled teaching learning system can be an effective way for achieving favourable learning outcome.
  3. On the basis of the suggestions, a trainer will be appointed in the gymnasium for its effective use and operation.
  4. The Teacher will monitor regularly whether the students attend their classes. Moreover, department wise separate action plan will be prepared for the completion of the syllabus within the stipulated time.
  5. Transportation problem has been a major problem facing by the students of the college. On the basis of the problem raised by the parents, the college authority will prepare a strategy to start communication facility for the students. The college is thinking about seeking help from the Oil India Ltd. in this direction.
  6. The College authority will also start preparing blue print for the construction of an additional girls’ common room after considering the matter and GB approval.