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Principle Desk

Principal Desk

I wish all the best to the students and stakeholders of Tingkhong College for their on-going and future endeavours towards making our college even more vibrant and progressive in its atmosphere.

Dr. Mouchumi Gogoi

Principal, Tingkhong College

Tingkhong College was established in the year 1972 with the aim of providing Higher Secondary and undergraduate level education in the region, an aim that the college has been striving for excellence since its inception. The college strives for all-round development of its students by making sure to provide quality education to its students. Additionally, the college also focuses on engaging students in sports and extracurricular activities. Despite facing numerous challenges, through different stages the college has uplifted itself to produce students who have excelled at areas such as academics, sports, self-employment, etc. Tingkhong College has successfully completed two cycles of NAAC evaluation in the year 2007 and 2015 with a grading of C+ and B respectively. Now the college is ready to invite the third cycle shortly. We also welcome and encourage an open and positive communication with parents in the form of parent teacher-interaction, as we see them as rightful partners in education of their children.
Aware that the continuity of learning had to be maintained, we responded to campus closure by shifting courses online, only to realize how poorly prepared we were. Our courses were designed for classroom teaching, faculty were unfamiliar with remote learning, and technology bottlenecks plagued both teachers and students. Our initial efforts at online learning, we realise, could not have been very satisfactory for both teachers and students, but they served a very important purpose; the College community remained connected during the anxiety-filled days of lock down and punctuation of tentative relaxations. Meanwhile, we were learning. Faculty members attended workshops and went online to find out about tools and techniques which would allow them to take learning more effectively to their students. Whatsapp was repurposed and, Google Meet and Google Classroom were deployed to take learning to the students.