Ref.: DHE/PA/Misc/3/2022/27, dated:- 3/06/2022
The occasion of World Environment Day, 2022 has been observed in Tingkhong College with the combined efforts of the Tingkhong College NSS Unit, Tingkhong College Students’ Union Body and All Assam Students’ Union, Tingkhong, focusing on raising awareness on the urgent necessity of “living sustainably in harmony with nature.” The programme started at 9:00 am spearheaded by the Principal of the college, Dr. Mouchumi Gogoi in association with different stakeholders like the Coordinator of NSS Tingkhong College Unit, Sri. Rimpu Gogoi; Sri Debajit Shyam, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Assamese; Sri Saurav Jyoti Borphukan, Vice President of AASU, Tingkhong; Sri Dhaniram Baruah, Junior Asst. Tingkhong College; student-members of NSS, Tingkhong College; some community members; AASU members and Tingkhong College fraternity in general.
The chief guest of the event was, Dr. Kamaleshwar Kalita, Associate Prof., Tinsukia College who delivered a speech on the necessity of raising awareness on pollution and climate change, and measure that can be taken to mitigate the rapid on-going degradation of the environment both locally and on the global scale. This was followed by the principal’s speech covering various aspects related to this year’s theme “Only One Earth” stressing on the utmost urgency of the need to realize the necessity of living a syncretic life side by side with nature. The speech covered the need to realize the importance of all species in maintaining ecological balance and sustenance of life on earth. Following the speeches and discussions, all the participants of the event planted more than 60 plants in the campus premises.
Thus, as per the above referred letter received from the Director of DHE, out of the list of programme/campaign/seminar provided, Tingkhong College has practiced the following two programmes while celebrating World Environment Day, 2022:

  1. Plantation Programme
  2. Awareness on Sustainable Living
Image 1. Guest Dr.Kamaleswar Kalita, Associate Prof., Tinsukia College sensitizing students, faculties, other stakeholders and community members about pollution, global warming, sustainable living, need to maintain and restore ecological balance, etc. topics.
Image 2. Guest Dr. Kamaleswar Kalita, Associate Prof., Tinsukia College and Dr. Mouchumi Gogoi, Principal, Tingkhong College planting trees in the presence of Tingkhong College fraternity and other stakeholders.
Image 3. Sri.Debajit Shyam, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Assamese; members of NSS Unit, Tingkhong College; and Vice-President, AASU, Tinkhong planting trees.
Image 4. Sri Rimpu Gogoi, Asst. Professor, HoD, Dept. of English & Coordinator of NSS Unit, Tingkhong College planting trees in the college premises.