College Library


The college has a library with sufficient collection of both course related and additional subject-related books. The total number of text books is 4925; the number of reference books is 9750; and there are 2 journals available. The total expenditure on these books has been recorded to be Rs. 2,132,504 

College Library : The college has a well-stocked library with Text Books, Reference Books, Journals, Periodicals and Dailies.
The college library is open from 9.00 4.00P.M. in all working days of the college . Book lending from the library is guided by the following rules.

  • Number of books issued to a student at a time­
    1. H.S.Classes – 2 Books
    2. B.A. Semester (Gen) – 2 Books
    3. B.A. Semester (Maj) – 4 Books

  • A book is lent to students for 7 days only. Failure to return the book within the period the student will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1.50 per day for 15 days nd of Rs.5.00 per day thereafter. However on request, the librarian at his/her discretion may renew the issue of a book. But the book must be returned within one month from the date of its first issue.

  • Failure to return borrowed book within the month the library card of the student will be with­ drawn.

  • In case of loss, damage or misuse of book a student will have to pay double value of the book.