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Code Of Conduct for Students

  1. Students must maintain discipline and punctuality in attending college and classes.
  2. Students must come to college in full uniform.
  3. Students must conduct themselves in courteous manner towards both staff (teaching & non-teaching) and fellow students.
  4. Students shall maintain silence in classrooms and desist from disorderly behaviour.
  5. Students shall take care of college property and must not cause any damage to them.
  6. Students shall keep their bicycle, scooter, etc. in the sheds provided for the purpose.
  7. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and any student found indulging in such activities shall be strongly dealt with as per rules.
  8. Students shall have to take prior permission from the principal to:
    i) Organise any meeting
    ii) Invite any guest to address students and
    iii)Display any kind of notice in the notice board of the college.
  9. Students shall actively participate in all the functions organised by the college and students’ union.
  10. Students shall keep the campus and the classrooms of the college clean and maintain a congenial atmosphere for the pursuit of learning.